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Need money for your PTA or PTSO?

for the school band?

New uniforms? New instruments?


We’ve got a great fundraising idea.

Bake sales
are fun…

… but they’re a lot of work.


We’ve got a better suggestion.

Here’s a
winning fundraising idea

Calloway Value Card. It practically sells itself.

Local merchants
pay nothing for ads

They offer discounts to card-holders for a full year.

We do
most of the work

You keep most of the money!

A fundraising idea as easy as A, B, C
How it Works


We contact only local and national businesses you recommend from the Merchant Wish List and offer them the opportunity to advertise offers and discounts on our durable, full color, plastic Calloway Fundraising Discount Card at no cost, for an entire year.


The Calloway Team custom designs, prints and ships the cards your group has ordered using the Performance Agreement and provides promotional materials and tips to help you sell them.


Members of your group sell the cards for $10 or $15 each earning high profits of 60% of every dollar raised with an unlimited amount of time to sell them. Many merchants will help by selling them for you in their stores or allowing you to sell onsite. A reorder of more cards can be received within 72 hours!


The entire fundraising
campaign can be completed
in just weeks!

Welcome to Calloway Fundraising!

We are a popular fundraising platform and a discount card fundraiser in Texas that is trusted by millions of people, non-profit organizations, schools, etc. We help these concerns reach more fundraisers, grow their online fundraising, and simplify the fundraising process, giving them some exclusive fundraising ideas for the church in Texas.

We help schools reach their fundraising goals

You might not be satisfied with your previous fundraiser. Possibly their service was not up to the mark as per your expectation. Otherwise, it could be that you are simply trying to find middle school fundraising ideas in New Jersey to embrace. In case, you want more, you have actually come to the ideal place.

Yes, we are known to offer big fundraising ideas for high school, elementary school, and middle school. Since the beginning, we have been assisting schools nationwide grows millions by providing innovating fundraising ideas, plans, and relevant school fundraising discount cards in Florida.

Each and every sponsor has some unique goals and requirements. Hence, we feel that it’s essential to offer ample fundraising options. In case you want to take orders and collect money prior to getting your merchandise, you might wish to sell products out of your brochure. In addition to this, a product fundraiser will help your students have the original product in their hands so they can showcase it to promising customers.

Get online resources from Calloway Fundraising

While looking for better fundraising ideas online, you can see a wide range of fundraising sites which are not much professional and updated; and thus are designed with a very little information. This is why you need to contact a professional fundraising organization like Calloway Fundraising for assured service.

We know that raising money can be quite difficult for you. Hence, we have come up with the best youth sports team fundraising ideas in Arizona that will help you get amazing info on fundraising strategies, ideas, and tactics. You can consider us the best online source of fundraising ideas for your team of little champions.

The prime target of Calloway Fundraiser is offering fundraising discount cards in Pennsylvania, so your sports team can continue to fund its mission. Be sure to check out our fundraising ideas to stay tuned with us. You can call up our official contact number to get more details about the discount cards and coupon cards and how to raise more money for your young sports team.


Organization Benefits

Organization makes money with minimal effort, each participant need only sell a few cards

Organization chooses who they want on the custom designed full-color plastic card

Local merchants as well as nationally recognized ones

Quick Turn Around: program can be completed in just weeks!

Creates renewable income from year to year

middle school fundraising ideas New Jersey

Cardholder Benefits

Cardholders benefit from discounts good EVERY DAY for an entire year!

Earn their money back quickly!

Merchant Benefits

FREE advertising. Merchants pay nothing to be on the card.

Brings new customers into their business.

Generates goodwill within the community.

fundraising coupon cards Pennsylvania


Potential local advertisers include these community-minded national brands



400 CardsProfit $3,600.00

450 CardsProfit $4,050.00

500 CardsProfit $4,500.00

750 CardsProfit $6,750.00

1000 CardsProfit $9,000.00


400 CardsProfit $2,400.00

450 CardsProfit $2.700.00

500 CardsProfit $3,000.00

750 CardsProfit $4,500.00

1000 CardsProfit $6,000.00


Calloway invoice due 15 days after start date of the sale.


Calloway Value Card is the No. 1 fundraising card in America


Start now!!

Simply complete the “Performance Agreement” and fill out the “Merchant Wish List”. Return both documents to Calloway.

The Calloway Team will contact the merchants in your area on your Merchant Wish List for you.

A member of the Calloway Team will let you know which merchants would like to participate and the discounts they are offering.

The Calloway graphics department designs a full-color card with your organization’s logo. Calloway also provides you with attractive customized flyers and a letter you can send to parents and other supporters.

All materials are sent FedEx.

Let the campaign begin!


Call the Calloway Team

at 800.862.6978 today

and we will answer any questions you might have and send you our complete information packet. We are happy to explain the program one-on-one so you can get answers specific to your needs.

Let the campaign begin!

REQUEST information and we will contact you.

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Download the form and submit them to us via FAX or Email.


Calloway Fundraising is truly the original discount card company.

Family owned and operated since 1995.

Calloway has worked with more than 3,850 organizations in 49 states to raise funds for PTO’s, PTA’s, home and school associations, little leagues, youth football leagues, Lions Clubs, soccer teams, church groups, cheerleaders, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, clubs, school bands, charities, and nonprofits.

We do it better than anybody because fundraising cards are our only business.

We are an experienced, professional team and have been successfully recruiting local and national businesses for 22 years.

We succeed in securing the most attractive discounts to make your card as valuable as possible.

Our on-site owner always a phone call away for sales tips and fundraising support.

discount card fundraiser Texas




We’d love to hear from you!

Ask us how we can help achieve your fundraising goals. Contact us today with any questions you have. There is no obligation to sign-up and we are more than happy to help with any questions you may have.

Calloway discount cards are an easy way for your organization to raise money and can  be a renewable source of income year after year. More than half of our current clients are return customers.

We go the extra mile to help make your fundraising campaign successful.

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